Igbo political elites: Beautiful Brides, Beautiful Nonsense

dangerously-intelligentYou must have heard that the Igbo political elites are the beautiful brides in Nigerian political game. But if a bride as defined by Ambrose Bierce is a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her, why are we not happy as Ndigbo?

Forget about how you feel about the poor state of infrastructural development in Igbo land. Forget about the sentiment that no one cares about you. Close your eyes and look at the last four years of Jonathan’s administration? What did you see? Who did you see? Ohaneze, Ekwremmadu, Okonjo Iweala, Peter Obi, Andy Ubah, Arthur Eze, Chidoka, Bath Nnaji, Stella Oduah…Ask your, what changed? If with these big masquerades with free access to Jonathan were incapable of doing anything, who will? IPOB?

I don’t care about the empty talks by some politicians of other ethnicities that “Nigeria cannot survive without the Igbos”. I don’t care about all those empty talks that are meant to “swell our heads”, yet “no alert”. They are all beautiful nonsense. All I care about is in delivery of the dividends of democracy and an end to the perpetual cry of “marginalization”. At some point, we have to acknowledge as a people that there is no way we will perpetually remain a bride at every wedding. An attempt at that will imply that we remain a corpse at every funeral.

As a beautiful bride with countless suitors, we need to wise up and start demanding for deliverables form our political leaders. It’s high time we tell our political leaders to stop running their mouth by using “marginalization” as a means of gaining our support only to go and live big in Abuja. At Abuja, they metamorphose to mini gods, then, come back and “terrorize” us with their ill-gotten wealth.

My elders use to say that, “No matter how many spirits plot a man’s death, it comes to nothing unless his Chi (personal god), has a hand in the deliberation.” Unfortunately for Ndigbo, these political elites we see as min gods have their finger and footprints all over our perpetually state of darkness. To remain relevant this “Igbo leaders” fan the flames with rabble-rousing nonsense that Ndigbo are being “marginalized”- akuko n’egwu Mike Ejeagha.

The reference to Ndigbo as a beautiful bride in Nigerian political arena is thus a deception. The beautiful brides of Igbo political extraction are not yet born. The current brands of brides are just a bunch of self-serving “leaders” that have proven over and over again that they are only interested in themselves and the size of their stomachs. Our suitors know this well, refusing to be nailed by not committing to any serious relationship beyond massaging our ego and caressing the pocket of our beautiful brides- not even their ears and forehead.

Ohaneze Ndigbo under Nnia Nwodo must therefore refute the political elite’s propaganda aided and abated by mainstream media portraying us as a “marginalized” people. We have had our opportunities. If anything, it is our “leaders”, the beautiful nonsense that have sold our collective birthright for their personal wealth.


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