Community Integration: Kudos To Anambra State Association Inc (ASA DC & ASAWW) In Washington DC Metro Area

ASA Men and WomenSaturday, September 14th, 2019 was an important day in the history of Anambra State Association Inc. (ASA DC & ASAWW) with the successful hosting of a Medical Mission & Charity Gala night. At the colorful event, funds were raised in support of the annual medical mission to Anambra State, Nigeria.

The medical mission includes free medical services that will address the need to provide medical infrastructures in the state to cater to the medical needs of the people. In addition, the mission will provide educational materials and seminars for educators.

The highlight of the event was the outing of the two masquerades including the famous Agaba and the ASAWW’s Atuko Obi dance. The colorful and memorable night was planned to make the Igbo community in the DC Metro fell like a home away from home. Continue reading “Community Integration: Kudos To Anambra State Association Inc (ASA DC & ASAWW) In Washington DC Metro Area”

Sorry APC, Arthur Eze And Orji Kalu, Anambra State Is Not For Sale

Orji Kalu and Arthur Eze 2

Anambra perhaps more than any other state in Nigeria has been notorious with political godfatherism. The influx of money in Anambra politics by the trio of Andy Ubah, Chris Ubah and Emeka Offor in 2003 and the subsequent kidnap of the then Governor Chris Ngige set a dangerous precedent in the history of godfatherism in Nigeria. Hoodlums sponsored by these godfathers burnt government buildings including ABS radio and TV stations when Chris Ngige rejected to mortgage the soul of the state to them. Our own Chinua Achebe later qualified these godfathers as politicians with plenty of money but very low IQ.

The November 2017 Governorship election in the state have once more raised serious questions about the damaging effect of godfatherism and the unfair use of federal government resources by governing political parties to gain an advantage over their opponents. The allegations that the current APC governorship candidate Dr. Tony Nwoye was chosen by moneyed interests, Arthur Eze and Orji Kalu, is not only troubling but dangerous.

I have kept my ears to the ground and I have heard the sound of black ant. Here is how we got Tony Nwoye as the APC candidate for November election:

Orji Uzor Kalu was given the mandate to deliver southeastern Nigeria to APC in preparation for the realignment of forces in the 2019 presidential election. The reward is that his charges with EFCC will be dragged out forever. At the same time, he was promised numerous federal government contracts and a say in who becomes the APC Presidential candidate in 2023.

He has so far “delivered” on the initial goal of pulling in some “prominent” Igbo politicians to APC including Ken Nnamani, Sullivan Chime, Jim Nwobodo, Andy Ubah, Chief Arthur Eze, Chuma Nzeribe etc.  In return for this, he was giving the freehand to pick the APC Governorship candidate in Anambra State. He subsequently “dashed” that right to Chief Arthur Eze, who is an uncle to his wife. Now, the vultures are once more hovering over the state, waiting to devour our commonwealth, should Tony Nwoye win.

So, yes, you should be terrified about the possibility of Tony Nwoye becoming Anambra State Governor. Anambra state should not according to Chinua Achebe be turned into “a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom.” Orji Kalu cannot give Ndi Anambra anything good. He turned Abia state to a wasteland. He gave Abia State the worst governor in forth Republic in the person of Theodore Orji. Ndi Anambra should, therefore, let Orji Uzor Kalu know that we are not Abia State. Continue reading “Sorry APC, Arthur Eze And Orji Kalu, Anambra State Is Not For Sale”