Community Integration: Kudos To Anambra State Association Inc (ASA DC & ASAWW) In Washington DC Metro Area

ASA Men and WomenSaturday, September 14th, 2019 was an important day in the history of Anambra State Association Inc. (ASA DC & ASAWW) with the successful hosting of a Medical Mission & Charity Gala night. At the colorful event, funds were raised in support of the annual medical mission to Anambra State, Nigeria.

The medical mission includes free medical services that will address the need to provide medical infrastructures in the state to cater to the medical needs of the people. In addition, the mission will provide educational materials and seminars for educators.

The highlight of the event was the outing of the two masquerades including the famous Agaba and the ASAWW’s Atuko Obi dance. The colorful and memorable night was planned to make the Igbo community in the DC Metro fell like a home away from home.

Traditionally, the Igbo lived in villages or village-groups with strong ties of the village community, the extended family system, and the age-group associations, that were important to the community life. This sense of community is one thing that is difficult to replicate in a foreign country.

The good news is that ASA DC & ASAWW are here to fill that void. To Ndi Anambra in the DC Metro, ASA DC is here to provide an opportunity for us and our children to meet and interact, the Igbo way. For Igbos who wished to maintain the tradition, the Gala Night was a golden opportunity to come together and socialize – the traditional Igbo way.

Our people say that an udara fruit that falls on the side of the road is asking to be eaten. ASA DC is like that udara fruit not only asking to be eaten but reminding us that if you want to eat a toad you look for a fat and juicy one.

ASA DC is a is the big game in the Washington DC Metro Area when it comes to community integration and promotion of core cultural values that Igbos are known for

Today, under the strong leadership of Dr. Ig Ekemezie, ASA DC is growing from strength to strength. ASA DC is maturing and the process is spiritual in that people’s hearts are changed through the communal integration and brotherhood – “onye aghana nwanne ya” (thou shall not leave your brother behind).

Also, Anambra State Association DC Women Wing (ASAWW – Atuko Obi) under the leadership of Lady Vicky Agba has been a stable and peaceful women’s wing interested on our young adults. Lady Agba and her team have been at the forefront of bringing our young adults who have common cultural background together. Their aim is to facilitate the constitution of a young adult group of Igbo-Americans, fostering socialization, cultural activities, service and community participation.

ASA DC & ASAWW believe that true community inclusion occurs when everyone, regardless of age, capability, participates. ASA DC & ASAWW believe in building a vibrant community that cares for one another, a community that will identify with members in times of need and in celebration.

A mustard tree starts with a tiny seed and takes some time to grow to maturity. Yeast as well takes time to leaven a whole loaf of dough as it works quietly and persuasively within. ASA DC & ASAWW are, therefore, encouraging all Anambra citizens in the DC metro area to identify with this noble group.

Knowledge they say is power. ASA DC & ASAWW is a great way for our kids to understand our culture and traditions. So, ASA DC & ASAWW have plans to provide a unique experience by bringing our children in this community together in a fun and constructive environment.

There is no doubt that being a member of the ASA DC & ASAWW community is an excellent opportunity for ALL Anambra citizens to work together, play and socialize while enjoying the benefits of a culturally-active and engaged lifestyle.

Big shout out to members of ASA DC & ASAWW that made the Gala Night a success.

Big shout out to Ndi Anambra in the DC Metro Area as we look forward to you identifying with this cultural and community-oriented brotherhood.

We are stronger together and together, we will build a community we will be proud to call our own.

Together, we can.

Contact: President – Dr. Ig Ekemezie (571-235-1929)

                PRO -Sir Ben Uduji (240-305-8558)

                Secretary – Sir Boniface Ezeosim (301-218-6445)

Contact: President – Lady Vicky Agba (240-793-2966)

                PRO- Mrs. Ngozi Igwe (202-716-6087)

                Secretary- Mrs. Unoma Okigbo (240-429-6145)


Churchill Okonkwo


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