Nnia Nwodo Should Better Start Pinching The “Pretty” Faces Of Igbo Political Elites.

atiku-nwodoIf truth is found to be guilty, then there must have been bribery somewhere. It is fallacious to attribute the state of affairs in Igbo states solely on hatred by other ethnicities. Like my “good friend” Fr. Mbaka said; “People [Igbo political elites] should stop telling you that “they” hate Igbos. We should stop believing that nonsense”.

Ezi okwu bun du (truth is life). The truth is that we are not being marginalized and Ohaneze under Nnia Nwodo should better start telling Ndigbo that bitter truth. Nnia Nwodo should better start pinching the “pretty” faces of Igbo Political elites. It is a pity watching Nwodo feed Ndigbo the same nonsense from the political elites.

Watching Ndigbo, I have realized (sadly) that the beautiful brides of Igbo political extraction are not yet born. The current brand of brides is just a bunch of self-serving “leaders” that have proven over and over again that they are only interested in themselves and the size of their stomachs. Our suitors know this well, refusing to be nailed by not committing to any serious relationship beyond massaging our ego and caressing the pocket of our beautiful brides- not even their navel or ears. This is exactly why IPOB have given up hope on the political elites.

It is time for Ndigbo to start challenging our “leaders” that have sold our collective birthright for their personal wealth. My Igbo generation should refute the political elite’s propaganda aided and abetted by us on social media portraying ourselves as “marginalized”. IPOB should stop feeding the hungry security beasts with the fresh bloods of our sons by channeling their emotions on wrestling power from the Igbo political elites. We have had our opportunities and still have the opportunity of seizing the day and demanding for accountability and good governance.


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