Is Igbo Presidency in 2023 Already A Pipe-Dream?

igbo presidency

This week, Ohanaeze Youths met Buhari and demanded the 2023 Presidency.

I will suggest these next steps.

  1.  Tell Nnia Nwodo to stop acting like Nnamdi Kanu
  2.  Educate our brothers & sisters to leave emotions at home and think with their heads while in Nija political jungle
  3. Stop deploying the defeatist tendency of  labeling Igbos that refused to buy into the flawed and sinking ticket of Atiku-Obi as paid agents
  4. Most importantly, stop talking and start working for 2023

The Yorubas have tightened their grip on Southwest for the APC to the extent that they are confidently talking about their intent to go for the Presidency in 2023.

Meanwhile, people who are “Atikulated”, later than focusing on the job at hand for 2019 are already whining about 2023. Have they quietly admitted that it is already all over?

What I suspect Boss Mustapha and any other person telling Ndigbo to support Buhari in order to get the Presidency in 2023 meant is that, right now, the door is still open, albeit cracked for Igbos to prove that they deserve a shot at APC ticket.

In a multi-ethnic country like Nigeria, you can’t win votes by emotional blackmail or threatening secession. You win by playing smart politics. It is naive to expect the southwest to work their heart out for Buhari and Osinbajo and then happily hand the Presidential ticket in 2023 to people who are “Atikulated” in 2019.

If you believe that smart politics is supporting the weak Presidential ticket of Atiku-Obi in 2019, good luck on February 16th and also, good luck in advance in 2023.

He who dislikes dog meat should despise dog-meat soup.

If you dislike the dog-meat, APC, in 2019, why should you be worried about what they plan to do with their dog-meat soup in 2023?

All political promises are by no means guaranteed. But to reap, you MUST sow. This is the sowing season. So while Fashola, Osinbajo, Tinubu, ALL the southwest governor including even Ambode are sowing in Buharis farm, where are their equivalents in Southeast sowing?

I am not particularly invested in the ethnicity or geography of Presidential candidates but their antecedents and credibility.

Ohaneze youths should recruit a star like Prof Soludo to lead their charge. That’s how to get people like us interested and excited about “Igbo Presidency”.

A man who means to buy palm wine does not hang about at home until all the palm wine in the market is sold.

Igbo Presidency through the PDP in 2023 is a mountain.

A smart person will not climb a mountain; a smart person will go around it.

For those who have ears, let them hear.


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