To Retire Tinubu In 2023, Nigerians Must Reject Atiku on February 16th


A sword in the hands of a drunken slave is less dangerous than the Presidency of a powerful but lawless nation in the hands of political actors with a track record of corruptly enriching themselves.

While applying eye-clearing medicine, someone comes and says to put some pepper in. While Nigerians are lamenting that President Buhari has not lived up to expectations to run a corrupt free administration, some Nigerians are clamoring for more corruption.

The reason why Nigerians should rise, together and say no to Atiku on Feb 16th is to send a clear message to Asiwaju Tinubu that we will rise in unionism and oppose his 2023 Presidential ambition. The onus is on us to reject corrupt leaders irrespective of their political affiliation.

A resounding defeat Atiku of on Feb 16th, 2019, therefore, may be a small victory in the war on corruption in Nigeria, but a necessary and giant step that will set the mark for 2023 elections in Nigeria.

Together, we can


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