Political Tsunami???? Peter Obi Is Not The Man For Ndigbo, Simple.

Political Tsunami????


If you are building a house and a nail breaks, do you stop building or do you change the nail?

Peter was a dictator that ruled Anambra State for 8 good years, without transforming or reforming a single government agency or ministry in the state. Worst still no single interest or investment to develop human capital in the state. An embodiment of selfishness?

Please, go and listen again to Emperor Peter in all his speeches. All you will hear is “I”, “I…” “I…” never “we”, never “my administration”, never “my commissioner”.

Peter Obi’s story is always about an instance of personal heroism or an exploit. For 8 years as the governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi did not prepare a single young politician. He did not attract a single established politician to APGA fold in Anambra State.

He could not expand the footprint of APGA to any of the Igbo states in Nigeria. Not Abia, not Ebonyi, not even Enugu. Rochas initially won in Imo under APGA platform, still riding under the banner of Ikemba Nnewi. Once he won, he left APGA because he couldn’t work with Peter Obi.

When Goodluck Jonathan wanted to make Peter a Minister, the PDP stakeholders scuttled that, simply because everything with Peter is all about him.

When he was given the free hand to pick the governorship candidate of PDP in Anambra, all PDP stakeholders abandoned the party for him. None of the “heavyweights” in PDP in the entire southeast campaigned with him and his candidate Obaze in that election. He and Obaze were thus humiliated by Obiano.

So the question for Ndigbo with interest in the political jungle of Nigeria at the national level is; what type of man/woman do you need to be at the table with Atiku and the rest of Nigerian (assuming PDP wins)? Do you want a man that will be only interested in himself or a man that will fight for Ndigbo?

That is the question that should be at the back of our minds. Leave your emotion aside and think about that deeply.




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  1. Well I know Atiku and the way he got the vote of becoming PDP presidential aspirant. He can t rule Nigeria, at least not with all those that share our 1.4trillion naira . Igbo challenge is unity, not until that aspect of their life is ammended like the constitution, no head way for them.


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