Apologies Atiku, You Are Not Corrupt, You are Corruption

atiku-abubakar-1Apologies Oga Atiku, you are clearly not corrupt. For years, I made the terrible mistake of calling you a chronically corrupt con artist. After listening to you yesterday, when you genuinely revealed to us that our beloved Presidential candidate who is campaigning on the promise to “fight” corruption better than Buhari does not even know the meaning of corruption, I realized that I was wrong.

Apologies Atiku, what I refer to as corruption is what you believe and eat. It is what you live for and what you are willing to die for.

After listening to you yesterday, I realized that you are corruption and that corruption is you. So, apologies for condemning you for whom you are.

You were simply being Atiku when you enriched your friends as our VP through the privatization of government-owned corporations. Your poor friends you enriched, in turn, enriched you by enriching your wife when they transferred over 40 million Dollars to her account.

I saw that as a corrupt act, but you were simply being yourself, corruption.

Poor me, I need to be schooled on the real meaning of corruption.

Poor Peter Obi will be shocked after discovering politicians really care about their friends.

Fortunately for him and his teeming supporter especially those from the southeast, Peter has only ONE friend he can enrich, himself.

Now I understand that teaching you, Atiku what constitutes corruption is like teaching a primary one pupil the concept of infinity.

I want to, therefore, sincerely apologize to Chief Atiku Abubakar and his teeming supporters for my misdirected criticism of his for corrupt acts.

Moving forward, we can only pray that our dear brother Peter Obi will start making some friends, quickly, just in case they make it to Aso Rock. If not, it will be a case of Atiku enriching thousands of his friends, even as our brother is thinking of how to “make Nigeria Work Again”.

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books. Also, the wise person has long ears and a short tongue.

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books. Also, the wise person has long ears and a short tongue.
The only wise man from the east with a big mouth is quoting statistics and evoking China, boasting of how he did it in Anambra State and how he refused to conduct Local government election because he does not trust LG Chairmen.
Another wise man from the northeast is bold to let us know that he is running for Nigerian President for the golden opportunity to enrich his friends one more time.

“Mr. Know-it-all,” says that he preceded his father in having a son. But the style and tempo of the game in Abuja is different from the practice at Agu Awka. After all, a wise man in Aba is a fool in Abba.

Thanks, Atiku for being frank on what your intentions are. Now, we understand how you intend to “Make Nigeria Work Again” and for Who.

From Obinna with Love.


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