Confusion is Supporting Atiku-Obi Ticket for 2023 while Agitating for Biafra

As the saying goes if you run after two hares, you will catch neither. So, it follows that if you are agitating for an independent state of Biafra and at the same time, insisting that the Nigerian presidency in 2023 must a president or a vice president of Igbo extraction, then you will end up empty.

Which nationality?

The reason is simple, a chattering bird builds no nest. Chasing after an independent state of Biafra and the 2023 Presidency of Igbo extraction is like chattering. The implication is that, because you are all over the place, you will end up not performing the simplest task of even deciding on where to build your nest.

Where is your nest? Is it in Aso rock or in Biafra? Building your nest in Aso Rock and Biafra, simultaneously, is placing yourself in a state of confusion.

This is not about mild confusions, it is the kind of profound confusion that will leave the people pushing to be part of the ruling coalition in a country they desperately want to leave shaking their heads, if not their fists, and arguing about what went wrong at the end of the 2023 Presidential election.

The push for Atiku-Obi ticket, at the same time agitation for an independent state of Biafra, is deceptive because the proponents erroneously believe the two discordant and out of phase transitions are on the same wavelength as the other. Unfortunately, they may not discover their error until it is too late to avoid another heartache.

A boat cannot go forward if each rows his own way. It is even more confusing when it is the same person rowing the boat in opposite directions. I am, however, not surprised by the rapid changes and disastrous state of confusion, plus all the mixed messages from the usual quarters over the 2023 Presidential elections. These spin-doctors are all over social media sweeping twisted and slanted narrative of events like the abundance of oil in Nsukka or the presence of a clone in Aso Rock cannot possibly hold the disorganized army in line.

Crying a lot does not give you peace of mind especially when you cannot be specific on why you are crying and what it will take for you to be consoled. How can you explain the cry of marginalization and absence of infrastructure from the federal government and yet the rejection of the construction of second Niger Bridge and Enugu International Airport all in the same breath?

That is right – a lot of confusion, a lot of contradictions.

Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand. The fact is that making decisions requires trading off one goal against another. Most importantly, to get one thing that we like, we usually must give up another thing that we like. What are those agitating for Biafra and Atiku-Obi ticket willing to give up?

The unfortunate thing for those agitating for Biafra and Atiku-Obi ticket at the same time is that their confused position is a lose-lose situation. Because they are making their choice quickly without fully exploring the available options, they will regret potentially missing out on something better.

Finally, it is good to remind anyone who is confused about which political direction to follow that there is an opportunity cost for everything we do. It is only this understanding that will ensure that what they are pursuing is really what we value to them. The pursuit of Biafra has left (and will leave more) countless lost opportunities in its wake. One such lost opportunity is the Atiku-Obi or Obi-Sanusi ticket in the 2023 Presidential election.

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