The. Challenge.

We are all very familiar with the Igbo proverb that a goat that died in a barn was not killed by hunger. This proverb sadly encapsulates the reality facing Ndigbo in Nigeria today.

Our barn is full of yams as we can boast of men and women that can deliver good governance. 

Our mission is simple: transform the rise of nationalism in Igbo states into an economic and political force.

Our challenge (a puzzle) as a people is how to stop the goat from dying in the barn.

Like grasshoppers, we should stop running into the midst of fowls in order not to end up in the land of the spirits. What we need now are forward-thinking ideas that will transform our sentiment to freedom. That freedom starts with the economic transformation of southeastern states. 

Ndigbo should assume greater responsibility for our own economic development by setting clear and attainable goals and designing policies and programs to achieve them.We (Ndigbo) need good leaders to achieve a development plan.

Achieving the goal of building the most sustainable economy in the West African region is a possible endeavor for Ndigbo within the present Nigerian system. For that to happen, we have to stop sobbing and start taking meaningful steps towards emancipating ourselves.

Let us build a diffuse economy consisting primarily of small businesses and anchored by a strong manufacturing base.

All we need is an efficient way for small companies to receive incentives for creating high-paying jobs in the entire region.The grasshopper caught by a hornbill is either hard of hearing or too self-absorbed to heed its surroundings.

We have been beaten by the rain, but not completely soaked, so, the time to start running is now. 

Together, We Can.


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