Apologies Atiku, You Are Not Corrupt, You are Corruption

atiku-abubakar-1Apologies Oga Atiku, you are clearly not corrupt. For years, I made the terrible mistake of calling you a chronically corrupt con artist. After listening to you yesterday, when you genuinely revealed to us that our beloved Presidential candidate who is campaigning on the promise to “fight” corruption better than Buhari does not even know the meaning of corruption, I realized that I was wrong.

Apologies Atiku, what I refer to as corruption is what you believe and eat. It is what you live for and what you are willing to die for.

After listening to you yesterday, I realized that you are corruption and that corruption is you. So, apologies for condemning you for whom you are. Continue reading “Apologies Atiku, You Are Not Corrupt, You are Corruption”


Political Tsunami???? Peter Obi Is Not The Man For Ndigbo, Simple.

Political Tsunami????


If you are building a house and a nail breaks, do you stop building or do you change the nail?

Peter was a dictator that ruled Anambra State for 8 good years, without transforming or reforming a single government agency or ministry in the state. Worst still no single interest or investment to develop human capital in the state. An embodiment of selfishness?

Please, go and listen again to Emperor Peter in all his speeches. All you will hear is “I”, “I…” “I…” never “we”, never “my administration”, never “my commissioner”.

Peter Obi’s story is always about an instance of personal heroism or an exploit. For 8 years as the governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi did not prepare a single young politician. He did not attract a single established politician to APGA fold in Anambra State.

He could not expand the footprint of APGA to any of the Igbo states in Nigeria. Not Abia, not Ebonyi, not even Enugu. Rochas initially won in Imo under APGA platform, still riding under the banner of Ikemba Nnewi. Once he won, he left APGA because he couldn’t work with Peter Obi.

When Goodluck Jonathan wanted to make Peter a Minister, the PDP stakeholders scuttled that, simply because everything with Peter is all about him.

When he was given the free hand to pick the governorship candidate of PDP in Anambra, all PDP stakeholders abandoned the party for him. None of the “heavyweights” in PDP in the entire southeast campaigned with him and his candidate Obaze in that election. He and Obaze were thus humiliated by Obiano.

So the question for Ndigbo with interest in the political jungle of Nigeria at the national level is; what type of man/woman do you need to be at the table with Atiku and the rest of Nigerian (assuming PDP wins)? Do you want a man that will be only interested in himself or a man that will fight for Ndigbo?

That is the question that should be at the back of our minds. Leave your emotion aside and think about that deeply.




Introducing Jennifer Douglas Atiku, The Con Artist

atiku jennifer

While applying an eye-clearing medicine, someone comes and says to put some pepper in.

While Nigerians are insisting that Atiku is unfit to hold public office for the illicit transfer of millions of Dollars used to acquire the license for American University of Nigeria (AUN), his wife Jennifer Douglas Atiku who helped in the transfer is telling Nigerians that the “PDP Govt will ensure uninterrupted education calendar.”

Per an investigation report by the United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, “From 2000 to 2008, Jennifer Douglas, a U.S. citizen and the fourth wife of Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President and former candidate for President of Nigeria, helped her husband bring over $40 million in suspect funds into the United States through wire transfers sent by offshore corporations to U.S. bank accounts.”

The transferred money made Atiku an “employer of labor” and a proud owner of the American University of Nigeria, a school, with tuition fees that more than 99% of Nigerian students cannot afford. Continue reading “Introducing Jennifer Douglas Atiku, The Con Artist”

Is Igbo Presidency in 2023 Already A Pipe-Dream?

igbo presidency

This week, Ohanaeze Youths met Buhari and demanded the 2023 Presidency.

I will suggest these next steps.

  1.  Tell Nnia Nwodo to stop acting like Nnamdi Kanu
  2.  Educate our brothers & sisters to leave emotions at home and think with their heads while in Nija political jungle
  3. Stop deploying the defeatist tendency of  labeling Igbos that refused to buy into the flawed and sinking ticket of Atiku-Obi as paid agents
  4. Most importantly, stop talking and start working for 2023

Continue reading “Is Igbo Presidency in 2023 Already A Pipe-Dream?”

Jubril & 2nd Niger Bridge: What Happens When We Lie To Ourselves And Our Kids?

Related image

You are free to hate your President.
You are free to refer to your President as Jubril (Jubrin)
You are free to assume that the send Niger Bridge is a hoax

What you are not free to do is lie in the face of clear and verifiable evidence.

Whether 99% or 2 % of Igbos accept that the construction of 2nd Niger Bridge is finally a work in progress after 16 years of construction on paper is irrelevant.

Truth is not a democracy. Continue reading “Jubril & 2nd Niger Bridge: What Happens When We Lie To Ourselves And Our Kids?”

Peter Obi, A Pregnant Virgin In PDP’s Maternity Ward – A Love Letter

peter-obi-e1520004738570Dear Peter Obi, on February 23rd, 1927, physicist Werner Heisenberg first described his Uncertainty Principle which states that the more precisely we can determine a particle’s momentum, the less information we have about its position, and vice versa. On December 8th, 2018, the PDP stated precisely that your account was frozen by the EFCC and the opposition APC to slow down your momentum. Days after EFCC denied freezing your account; no one knows anything about your position. Virgin Peter, I understand that you are in labor in the PDP’s maternity ward, but I will still ask, did EFCC freeze your account?

Because you virgin Peter allowed the familiar PDP lies on account freezing to live, you went to the Vice-Presidential debate and ended up distorting facts; presenting alternative facts and lying with a straight face. Lies matter, Peter. Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it is equally outraged by silence. This is because all truths that are kept silent become poisonous. So, for the very last time, virgin Peter, tell Nigerians, did EFCC freeze your account?

Peter, Albert Einstein told us that one who is out to describe the truth should leave elegance to the tailor. Leaving elegance to the tailor, permit me, Peter, to state that contrary to the false impression of human capital development and economic transformation of Anambra state that you presented at the debate, the 8 years of your administration in Anambra was anchored around yourself (alone) and the churches (church-schism­). You, virgin Peter Obi, re-engineered the churches to lay down the cross and pick up the sword and fight for money from the government. Is that what you will do to the churches and mosques in Abuja? Continue reading “Peter Obi, A Pregnant Virgin In PDP’s Maternity Ward – A Love Letter”

Sowore, Buhari, Atiku And The 2019 Election: Why Corruption Matters

sowore buhar atiku

As we kick off the campaign for the 2019 general elections, the question on my mind is; can the wheels of democracy in Nigeria ever turn without the grease of corruption? Governance under PDP’s 16 years of looting was sustained by the grease of corruption; President Buhari rode to power in 2015 under the shadow campaign that was greased by Tinubu and Saraki’s BILLIONs. Atiku’s campaign is currently being greased by “thick” grease of a looted fund. It is interesting that Omoyele Sowore presidential ambition is the only transparent campaign that is powered by a token from millions of Nigerians. Will Nigerians reject corruption and stand with Sowore and African Action Congress (AAC)? Why does corruption matter in Nigerian elections?

Pope Francis once called corruption “the gangrene of a people.” That is, a “localized death and decomposition of body tissue, resulting from either obstructed circulation or bacterial infection.” Continue reading “Sowore, Buhari, Atiku And The 2019 Election: Why Corruption Matters”

Prof. Nwabueze, Chidoka, FFK, Peter Obi, et.al. Are “Hausa Fulani Slaves”

Ben-Nwabueze-and-AtikuHausa Fulani Slave! Hausa Fulani Slave! Hausa Fulani Slave! Hausa Fulani Slave! That and so much more vileness was the backlash that some of us had to contend with for supporting Buhari is 2015. Now that those who supported Buhari and those currently supporting Atiku Abubakar are all “Hausa-Fulani Slaves”, I welcome my brothers Prof. Ben Nwabueze, Peter Obi, Osita Chidoka, Ike Ekweremadu FFK, et.al and my sisters Chidimma, Ifeoma, Chisom, et.al to the world of Hausa Fulani slavery, with love.

To open this love letter to my Igbo brothers (including FFK) and sisters with this words that I have was not done in haste. It was not easy and I gave a serious thought to whether I should open with such a repulsive derogatory epithet “Hausa-Fulani Slave.” Why give power even inadvertently, to the demeaning words and its destructive discourse? The answer is simple; truth must be told and political hypocrites must be exposed and ridiculed.

So, my aim here is certainly not to give power to the destructive discourse but to lay bare the ugliness of the politics of bigotry and hypocrisy. If you like, you can call me a truth teller or someone who dares to hold a disagreeable mirror up to my brothers and sisters and ask that they take a long and hard look without fleeing, running away or threatening to expel nonconforming voices from closed WhatsApp groups. Continue reading “Prof. Nwabueze, Chidoka, FFK, Peter Obi, et.al. Are “Hausa Fulani Slaves””

Please Emeka, Don’t Dump Uju, For Supporting Buhari

DontThey met at Afor Nnobi last year during Ashaolu, the New Yam festival. They had gone on a couple of dates in Lagos and laughed a lot, especially when she made fun of him. Emeka was talking about introducing Uju, his girlfriend to our family members when she revealed: she will vote for Buhari. That was when e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g turned up-side-down. My brother Emeka, an IPOB activist who recently metamorphosed to Atiku supporter told me he will stop seeing her. “That is it”, he told me.

To put this story in context, I should mention that Emeka, the youngest in his family has been searching for a wife for over three years now. His friends and sisters have been urging him to get a good lady from his hometown, Nnobi. They argued that since the spouses of all his siblings are from other towns, it will be good to have someone from the same town to “keep watch” over their properties at home. From the first day, my brother met Uju, he liked her and everyone in the family have been excited and happy for them.

Continue reading “Please Emeka, Don’t Dump Uju, For Supporting Buhari”